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At Pfizer, we’re driven to discover the cure—driven to significantly improve the lives of everyone...everywhere. If you’re similarly driven, you’ll find there’s no better place to begin—and continue—your career than at Pfizer.

With us, you’ll have the opportunity to work with people who are real experts in their respective fields. Our equipment, technology, resources and pioneering spirit make it possible for us to deliver outstanding results in science and medicine.

You’ll work in an organization whose integrity and hard work aimed at care for patients, protection of the environment and economic development has won respect of communities across the world.

You’ll become part of a culture promoting innovative and bold approaches to work, embracing reliability and team spirit, and striving to support its people and provide them with the resources necessary to build a successful and meaningful career.

The objective of Pfizer’s HR policy is to be among the most sought-after employers in the pharmaceutical industry, both in terms of salaries and the quality of employee benefits offered, and also the possibilities of professional and personal growth.

In the Czech Republic, Pfizer focuses on development, manufacture and marketing of innovative medicinal products. It also includes a number of enabling functions (Human Resources, Legal, Financial and many other functions responsible for communication, supervision, etc.). 

Currently, there are about 200 Pfizer colleagues employed in the Czech Republic with diverse backgrounds, experience, skills and knowledge in various fields. We are proud that our organization promotes diversity. We place great emphasis on equal opportunities, which prove a valuable asset for both Pfizer and the individual employees. 

Our purpose in society is to bring breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. We believe in four basic values: courage (we support bold decisions, ambitions with an open mind); excellence (we focus on what’s important and keep looking back to evaluate our path); equity (we strive to reduce inequality among patients, paying attention to integrity and inclusion); and joy (we’re proud of what we do, support each other and enjoy our work).


For more information about our employee benefits, go to the “Benefits” section. The list of vacancies is available in the “Join Us” section on our website.

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